Fresh Prince from Touraine, Concierge agencies in China

Emmanuel ROY has met Prince de BROGLIE on February 3rd, along with Managing Director Mrs. CAMPA to study the possibilities of a 1-day stay at the Chateau de la Bourdaisiere located in the Tours area.

An expression of interest was issued and we are currently invoicing a complete package that will be on display on the seminar section website as soon as we have the full elements. Besides, another offer concerning the DEYROLLE store – that will be privatized for this occasion – located rue du Bac in Paris, will come complete our Parisian program.


Fabrice PRADAL, our Partner & Sales Officer is currently meeting with the managers of 2 groups of personal concierge services based in China focusing on the following: wine consulting, relooking, tailor-made clothing. These agencies have incentive programs on lifestyle therefore, they will need our tours.

Finally, Fabrice is also about to meet with the concierge agency called UUU to perform a sales presentation.

New acquaintances around a Chinese Fashion Show

Emmanuel ROY – CEO at France Prestige Institute – attended the presentation of famous Chinese designer BEI CHEN on February 2nd.

This glamourous show was organized by the Paris 8th arrondissement officials and was the opportunity for us to meet with some Chinese VIPs who have both encouraged us and requested more information about our tours:

Q: Are you posting on the Chinese social media?

A: Yes, this was our top priority for 2016. We have engaged the required investments along with our partner Chinese Luxury Advisors who have set up an automatic online payment system via wire transfer.

Q: Have you found any Key Opinion Leaders? Because it matters a lot in China.

A: Yes and we only need some additional cash to make them start posting.

As off now, we have selected 4 KOLs in the concerned areas of which 2 have already started working on their content – they both pile up around 700,000 reactive followers:

Alex Li: former journalist for the South China Morning Post, currently employed as blogger for the travel agency Tuniu which is famous for its authentic experiences.

Anna Coppla: lifestyle blogger who is fond of gastronomy.

Q: Are you ready for white label sales too?

A: Yes of course, we are currently studying this type of collaboration with one partner in China.

One seminar, one strategy

We have held a seminar about corporate strategy in late January. It appeared that our existing one-week offer was a bit too long and that theme-days were not unable to replace a full package.

We therefore have decided to set up a more consistent offer with 2 nights and… a helicopter transfer! A first offer was displayed on the website, including helicopter transfer from Paris, a morning intervention of wine tasting and the afternoon and night at the Chateau du Clos Lucé. The following day is dedicated to the art of dress-code with a candlelight dinner at the Chateau de Chambord after a landing in the park following an overflight of the Loire castles.

A second offer is being structured around the Chateau de Fontainebleau – cherished by none other than Napoleon – with an exceptional theme-day around the Art of Fragrance. Our local partner has set up a composing workshop featuring a professional nose. This tour includes a unique visit of the castle including some non-public parts and a private dinner in historical costumes. The following day is dedicated to the Art of Equitation for obvious reasons because the town is housing a traditional military equitation school