Come and acquaint yourself with the French art de vivre during an initiation with the best contributors who will guide you through your apprenticeship of all the key-aspects that make the charm of the French lifestyle.

Act 1

The Loire Valley

You will enter the heart of the Loire Valley which was so cherished by the French Kings. You will meet our top-notch contributors and live intense moments in magic sceneries such as a candlelight dinner in the Chambord castle and many more. You will bring back home unforgetable memories.

Act 2

Parisian setting

It is in the capital of France that you will get familiar with the art of high, fragrance, champagne and authentic pleasures the City of Lights has to offer. You will adore the exceptional graduation ceremony we have designed and will enjoy the different experiences we have concocted for you.

French Touch

The subtle signs of high society

The receptions you are going to attend will be organized according to the typical dress code, the art of reception and the art of setting a table. You will learn the ways of the French aristocracy.

All your transfers will be assured with the maximum safety.