Fresh Prince from Touraine, Concierge agencies in China

Emmanuel ROY has met Prince de BROGLIE on February 3rd, along with Managing Director Mrs. CAMPA to study the possibilities of a 1-day stay at the Chateau de la Bourdaisiere located in the Tours area.

An expression of interest was issued and we are currently invoicing a complete package that will be on display on the seminar section website as soon as we have the full elements. Besides, another offer concerning the DEYROLLE store – that will be privatized for this occasion – located rue du Bac in Paris, will come complete our Parisian program.


Fabrice PRADAL, our Partner & Sales Officer is currently meeting with the managers of 2 groups of personal concierge services based in China focusing on the following: wine consulting, relooking, tailor-made clothing. These agencies have incentive programs on lifestyle therefore, they will need our tours.

Finally, Fabrice is also about to meet with the concierge agency called UUU to perform a sales presentation.