One seminar, one strategy

We have held a seminar about corporate strategy in late January. It appeared that our existing one-week offer was a bit too long and that theme-days were not unable to replace a full package.

We therefore have decided to set up a more consistent offer with 2 nights and… a helicopter transfer! A first offer was displayed on the website, including helicopter transfer from Paris, a morning intervention of wine tasting and the afternoon and night at the Chateau du Clos Lucé. The following day is dedicated to the art of dress-code with a candlelight dinner at the Chateau de Chambord after a landing in the park following an overflight of the Loire castles.

A second offer is being structured around the Chateau de Fontainebleau – cherished by none other than Napoleon – with an exceptional theme-day around the Art of Fragrance. Our local partner has set up a composing workshop featuring a professional nose. This tour includes a unique visit of the castle including some non-public parts and a private dinner in historical costumes. The following day is dedicated to the Art of Equitation for obvious reasons because the town is housing a traditional military equitation school